Yannick Alléno & Michel Chapoutier

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The Vines

The soils of the Rhône Valley


Syrah vines aged between 20 and 25 years, from the Chabot area, north of Tournon. Altitude ranges from 240 to 310 m. A rare type of soil: granite with a low ferrous mineral content interspersed with layers of gneiss. The soil composition here is very different to that referred to as "Tournon", which is found in Hermitage, Cornas, Saint-Peray and in the Mauves area of Saint-Joseph. These unusual geological features produce unique red and white wines with an elegant, powerful character.


Syrah vines with an average age of 55 years from three different plantings (10, 20 and 70 years old), as well as 70 year old Marsanne vines. The vineyards lie on the Gervans hillsides at 230 to 320 metres altitude with a south / south-west exposure that enables the grapes to ripen fairly late.