Yannick Alléno & Michel Chapoutier

The Meeting

Two men, lovers of the land and its produce. Two creative and innovative trail blazers. Driven by a love and respect for the terroir.
When they met, a strong bond was forged. Instantly. Naturally.

Yannick Alléno, the gifted, three-star chef, known for his perfectionism. His cuisine reinvents tradition, blending classicism with modernity.
Michel Chapoutier, the Rhône Valley winemaker, and ambassador and campaigner for winemaking in general. His wines reflect their terroir and reveal their truth.

This meeting was to give birth to the first wine in October 2010.

Couronne de Chabot. A Saint Joseph from thirty year old plots of Syrah in Tournon. Born in a hillside vineyard, which the two men had selected together, worked traditionally and converting to biodynamic viticulture. Elegant mineral aromas, violets, liquorice.

The story continues, the passion grows ever stronger. Passion for the Rhône Valley. Passion for a terroir.