Yannick Alléno & Michel Chapoutier

Couronne de Chabot

Couronne de Chabot

Saint-Joseph white


The grapes grow on well textured granitic soil in a spot known as Chabot, a late-ripening area in Tournon sur-Rhone. Grapes harvested by hand at optimal maturity.

Bâtonnage (stirring up of the lees) over a 2 month period, followed by ageing on the fine lees for 8 months.

Michel describes his wine to Yannick

This deep coloured white Saint-Joseph is both delicate and delicious. On the nose, we find roasted notes and aromas of white-fleshed fruit. It’s fresh. Rich on entry to the palate, underpinned by a mineral tension. The very long finish concludes with a tangy bouquet.

Yannick’s food pairing suggestion for Michel

Braised fillet of sole